Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins’ – ‘What Have We Become’

‘What Have We Become’, by Ferge X Fisherman featuring Mick Jenkins, is a sonic exploration of maturity and the introspective journey that accompanies it. This track, a highlight from their upcoming album ‘Good Mother’, masterfully combines elements of jazz, gospel, and hip-hop to craft a sound that transcends time. The song’s narrative focuses on the transition into adulthood, with Jenkins providing insight into the complexities of this phase of life. The musical arrangement, featuring gospel choirs and vintage strings, complements the lyrical depth, creating an immersive listening experience. This collaboration showcases the artists’ talents in addressing profound themes through music. It invites listeners to contemplate their own growth and the experiences that have shaped them.

‘What Have We Become’ is a reflection on the passage of time, offering a message of hope and understanding. It’s a compelling piece that resonates with anyone navigating the waters of adulthood, promising to be a classic in the genre.

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