Spottie Wifi Links With DJ Mal-Ski For A West Coast Bop In “Do You Get It”

Months after the release of his major album, The King’s AlphaSpottie Wifi asks listeners if they understand why he works hard on his newest single, “Do You Get It.” Spottie collaborated with LA’s own DJ Mal-Ski on a West Coast beat to discuss how greater things are coming for the Cryptopunk rapper. 

The opening verse has Spottie rapping on how he stands out from the crowd and appreciates his time out in Venice Beach working with Mal-Ski. Then, the beat flips and so does the content. On the beat flip, Spottie raps about how he got his money right with cryptocurrency reference heavy rhymes and making his name digitally and physically. 

DJ Mal-Ski is a well-known DJ out in the City of Angels spinning for the likes of the LA Sparks, USC Athletics, and the Pac-12 division. The visual, directed by Will C and Tana has Spottie and Mal-Ski riding around Venice Beach on bikes and rapping in front of street art. 

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