Slik Jack & Manzu Beatz Ignite the Scene with ‘Pass Da Pistol’ Ahead of ‘Blue Collar Crimez

The streets are buzzing as Slik Jack and Manzu Beatz unveil “Pass Da Pistol,” a raw and gritty precursor to their forthcoming album ‘Blue Collar Crimez’. The track reverberates with Jack’s unyielding bars and a cinematic beat that will have heads nodding. The haunting refrain “Hold my jewelry pass the pistol” lingers long after, marking its territory in the urban soundscape. Amidst striking drums and a menacing bass, “Pass Da Pistol” promises a no-holds-barred journey into the heart of ‘Blue Collar Crimez’, showcasing the lyrical artillery Slik Jack, Manzu Beatz, and their fierce ensemble bring to the table.

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