New Video Alert: “Though I Lie” from Chad Watson

Chad Watson, a rising hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, is gaining national acclaim with his deep and introspective music. His latest release, “Though I Lie,” has been making waves since its release on December 15th, followed by a poignant music video on December 21st.

Chad, known for his chart-topping track “Caught” and a debut album celebrated in Billboard Magazine, has a rich history in the music scene, opening for renowned artists like Yo Gotti and featuring in major magazines.

“Though I Lie” is a solo endeavor, showcasing Chad’s lyrical prowess and musical depth. The song, born from days of immersing in the instrumental and daily musings, reflects a journey of vulnerability and humility. With lyrics like “Love me when it’s cold outside, tell the truth wit a couple blunts, though she never left my side, slept in a car for a couple months,” the song narrates a raw and authentic story of life’s trials and the unwavering human spirit.

The music video, directed by Chad and his friend Reiser, was shot across various iconic locations in Inglewood, including LA Cannabis Co., The Forum, and Leimert Park, adding a documentary feel to the visual storytelling. The video features the Inglewood High School cheerleading squad and gives a glimpse of Chad’s personal landmarks, emphasizing the song’s deep roots in his life experiences.

Apart from his music, Chad is known for his significant contributions to the community. He’s a 2019 “Backwoods Cigars” artist showcase winner and a published model for “Oliventa” and “Underrated.” His dedication extends beyond the music as he actively participates in charity, partnering with organizations to provide essentials to the underserved communities.

Chad Watson isn’t just a musician; he’s a storyteller, a community leader, and a rising star whose authenticity and talent are rapidly propelling him to the forefront of the hip-hop scene. With “Though I Lie,” he invites listeners into his world, one verse at a time, promising a journey filled with raw emotion and unwavering truth.

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