Lexxicon – “Can’t Believe It”

Toronto-based rapper Lexxicon releases the debut single Can’t Believe It from his highly anticipated forthcoming album Drill Sergeant coming outApril 27th. Drawing from his influences of Russ Millions, Pop Smoke, Sean Paul and Nicki Minaj, his sound is a slick and catchy fusion of drill and dancehall inspired by his Jamaican ancestry, and the uptempo energy and fiery aesthetics in the new Can’t Believe It video reflects that. The product of a nomadic family, Lexxicon has lived in London (UK), New York City (USA) and Toronto (Canada) and has been able to leverage his global connections and blend these musical influences coming from some of the most renowned music cities in the world to create an edgy yet quintessentially mainstream sound. Boasting lyrics that are based on unique everyday life experiences, sexual desire and loss, Lexxicon is the definition of passion and persistence and is planning to elevate from buzzworthy rap up-and-comer into one of drill’s most dominant figures this year.

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